We care. We listen. We are here for you.

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GTO's Vision

We envision the GTO, through the Guidance and Counseling Program, as a helpful instrument in unfolding before each Bosconian his full potentials as a person in touch with God; and with Christ, the Master and Model of St. John Bosco. As a result, he becomes a young servant-leader empowered to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy as he reaches out in fellowship and service to his family, school, and community.


Revitalized Homeroom Guidance Program (RHGP)

Our monthly RHGP modules will focus on topics such as mental health, bullying prevention, study skills, problem solving skills, decision-making skills, personal and interpersonal development.

Online Career Week

Series of webinars will be provided by the GuidanceNGO to help our students be informed and be aware of the careers available. These webinars will be participated by the students from Kindergarten to JHS.

Online College/University Fair

Series of talks and orientations will be given from representatives of different universities and colleges to help Grade 12 students be informed of the various programs and courses offered.

Guidance Classes

Providing students relevant topics that are based on their interest and needs.

Career Symposia

Developing among students an awareness of the career world and equip them with decision-making skills that will empower them to make wise career choices in the near future.

Anak Ng Nangibang-bansa Aruga at Kaagapay (ANAK) Webinar

This activity aims to assist students in their journey and struggles as children of OFW parents and OFW returnees. The UGAT Foundation, a non-profit organization, and is an apostolate for grassroots families, is the facilitator of the program.

Orientation Program

One of our priorities is to create a more welcoming and supportive school environment by acquainting all students and parents with the programs and services of the GTO.

Individual Inventory

We want to know our students better. By filling out the Information Sheet, it will help us determine who among the Bosconians need further interventions and monitoring.

Testing Program

One way of monitoring the student's progress is through administering a battery of psychological tests. This program is only available for Grade 6, 10, and 11 and this is made possible through our partnership with the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment.

Gender Sensitivity Webinar

A talk for Grade 10 students to help them be aware of and be sensitive to treating the opposite gender.

Follow-up Service

This service will help to determine the adequacy and sufficiency of the programs and services extended in meeting the needs of its clientele. If you are a DBTI-Tarlac Alumnus, please help us by filling out the form here.


We care. We listen. We are here for you. The GTO will be using new different modes of communication. Counseling sessions will take place from Monday-Friday.

Google Meet

GTO Hotline


Parents, advisers, subject teachers, and classmates may refer a student for counseling especially those who have academic, relationship, home, mood, and behavior concerns. In cases where it is beyond the counselor's expertise, the counselor may refer the student to a specialist/therapist.


Parents, advisers, and subject teachers may set up a conference with the counselor should there be any concerns or changes concerning the student's personal, academic, social, and emotional behavior. Consultations can be done through the GTO Hotline.

The Guidance and Testing Office Team

Michelle E. Ines, MAEd, RGC

Head, Guidance and Testing Office

Preschool and Elementary Guidance Counselor

Email address: meines@one-bosco.org

Contact No.: 0919 069 7738

Syndra Marie A. Mata

Junior High School

Guidance Personnel

Email address: smamata@one-bosco.org

Contact No.: 0919 069 7739

Beverly P. Millo, RPm

Senior High School

Guidance Personnel

Email address: bpmillo@one-bosco.org

Contact No.: 0919 069 7740

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